Extra Extra Heely feet at Iplehouse

As a bonus for getting one of their Fashion Line girls, they are offering not just the normal heely feet, but also extra high heels, which is cool but at the same time I wonder what shoes will fit, or if the new feet are closer to the standard Tonner foot shape, which might mean that they could conceivably fit in Tonner shoes? I am handicapped in that I own neither a Tonner at the moment, nor the new FID girls, but I am curious! If the FID line is small enough to fit Tonner clothes, suddenly there is a whole new world of fashions available to these girls.

The Tonner Barbarian :D Or for a later look, the 18th Century Tonner, "Anne de Toile"

 (Tonner makes awesome stuff--I even like the dolls, though they are mostly not as bendy as true bjds).

Also, the Raffine and Yui necklaces are 30% discounted; it looks like you can purchase them as a standalone, but if they are coming EMS you might as well throw in some shoes and whatnot with them.

By the way, you can also buy Sheldon at Tonner:

I am not getting him, though the thought of putting him on one end of the couch and having him always sit there makes me laugh.