Random Thursday Photos

Dragael, a 5 star Angelo painted by cheesedemon88, is wearing her new Sculpey tiara.

It's been wet, wet, wet here--but not like Louisiana! My neighbor Norm got his lake back, but no one has built on the adjacent property, which becomes very squishy when we have hard rains; when the new owner came around to introduce himself we did tell him that property floods and he needed to build upward on a concrete base, and we haven't seen him since :o.

The neighbor on the other side is starting to have her backyard look post-apocalyptic; I like it. If it stays unmowed we might be getting more fireflies and butterflies next summer. I am still harboring "bees", the small hornets in the hollow tree in front. So far they have let me weed under them (though it was pouring at the time, so it wasn't really a fair test), but I can go in and out  the front door without them getting upset. The tree itself may be in iffy shape, and the hornets might also make tree trimming later a bit dicey, so we will see how it goes in December once the leaves are down. I still have water coming in the bathroom fan when it rains hard, and I suspect the insulation above the bathroom is nasty and I will have to "call a guy" to get both of those things fixed. The ants are once more coming out of the kitchen wall, having been flooded out of the yard.

But the morning glories are loving the weather:

Eating the fence. Hopefully this one will have flowers too--there are 5 of these monsters along the property line right now. My kitchen philodendron is out of control:

A wet sunflower:

Wet phlox:

Also, completely unrelated, this is what happens when you don't feed your Iplehouse Panther:

This is at JoAnns, there are also "rats" "Owls" and hilariously, "Spiders". Also more ravens like Poe.