Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Fashion Iplehouse Doll Compared to the Rest of The Dolls...

Here's Iplehouse's comparison pic between the JID and the FID--the shoulders are about the same, but the position of the bust is different. Waistbands and shoes might be the same, though of course pants won't be interchangeable because of the difference in leg length. The FID head looks like it is about a size 6 instead of the JID's 7. Here is another shot with all the female dolls lined up:

The FID looks so tiny! Hehe!

Here is the whole crew:

(Click on the photos to make them larger). Here you can see why I don't like the male EID size--the female EID still works with the SID guys, but the EID male is just a moose. The HID is just a novelty size, IMO, if your Dollmore Lusion needs a uncle. ;)
You can see the bust options for the FID here if you are logged in to the Iplehouse site as a member:


  1. Do you have one? I'd love to know if the JID heads fit on the FiD-necks. I thought about ordering one, but their heads are just too small for me.

  2. I am not sure they have shipped yet; I don't have one and I won't be getting one, because I just don't do well with that size--I need 60 cm or up; otherwise the sewing is just "too tiny" for me. And I agree with you about the heads ;)


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