Foul Batchelorette Frog, with Yarn

I have a few days here of batchelorette splendor while J visits the parents. Normally my routine is work, drink coffee at night, eat toast in a bowl, ignore housecleaning, read horror and urban fantasy novels until very late at night, and catch up on all the movies I haven't seen in the last year. I had thought of perhaps this time being more productive, painting the moldings or ceiling, or moving the hostas and daylilies to the side of the yard...  but instead I started messing with yarn, embroidering on a piece of net I found in a remnant bin at JoAnn's. I have a lot of yarn for someone who doesn't knit, so I thought it would be good to actually do something with it besides buy it, pet it, and store it in a big tupperware. Since I have the house to myself, I dumped out the boxes of craft supplies on the floor and found some stripey decorator fabric , a couple of D rings and a 7 inch zipper, which to me said "small purse". Here is the purse so far with cheesy Under The Sea theme:

The gray thing on the sketchpad is my first doodle with yarn, filled out in a rough rectangle and clipped off of the embroidery hoop. It makes something like yarn fabric. I think I might make some more of that colorway and use it for a vest for Enoch when he comes, just to use up the piece. It goes surprisingly fast with a big yarn needle, which is good since I have other things I need to finish--like actual paid work.