Woodpeckers and Wigs

I should have added "waifs"; Jo sent me a whole box of wigs, and this was one of them--so many gorgeous wigs in that box! I haven't even had a chance to photograph my favorite one, because it's owner is still in the box downstairs and I ran out of light. Isley modeled a couple of other ones, she's about in the middle of the sizes in the box--here's a curly red one:

A black one that I swear was a Lottie from Monique, but I tried to redo what I remembered the braids looked like... and I need to go look at the actual photo again, because maybe there are 4 braids instead of two on top of the head? The hair is nice, smooth and heavy:

A mermaid wig, black and blue!

There were so many more, too--some Iplehouse sized ones and one Volks wig, I think. Thank you, Jo! <3

Aside from playing with wigs, I weeded, I mowed when it stopped raining, and I took photos of woodpeckers. The hornets are being very inconvenienced by wood ears; I keep hoping they will move to the hole further up, because they are making the mailman nervous. Here is the first woodpecker I saw:

Then there was a second one, right above the dot com:

Then a third one higher up:

Which makes me think the tree might need to be inspected this winter once it gets cold enough to slow down the hornets.