Various Flower and Landscape Photos

When Akutenshi came over, she brought a little flower from a larger bouquet; some local florist makes "Mermaid tails" by flattening and snipping some flowers (I don't know the variety at all). It looks so cool!
We also went Friday night to Herrick Lake, and the lake in August would be very enjoyable if it wasn't for the sudden arrival of huge numbers of very hungry mosquitoes. I even had Repel on and a long sleeved shirt with a high collar and they were still a pest. Here is the lake. I think no wind was making the mosquito problem worse, but it was pretty:

You can't see it in the above photo, but there were sundogs from the ice crystals in the clouds:

Some wildflowers:

I've only seen these seed pods later in the season--they turn brown, split open and are full of fluff.
More just scenery:

Here's a texture one, this is the small version:

Except for the sticks, it looks like the surface of the Moon. Here's a link to the full 3264x2448 version for your own use, no restrictions:
Herrick Ground Tex