David Broach

This is David Broach's portrait of Lance Cyril Mountain in the Sept. 2016 issue of Juxtapoz; and of course this is a ridiculous way to show a photographer's work-- but my scanner won't do much better--you should go find it yourself on the newstand and flip through the magazine. David Broach is a regular contributor to Juxtapoz. I love his artist portraits. For Mountain, David Broach had the brilliant idea of showing the artist with a whole collection of his works together--the combination of colors, textures and the artist himself is so gorgeous--even the pegboard looks great.  Here's another shot of Lance Cyril Mountain and his dog Dirtbag, and if you look in the magazine you can see how wonderfully soft and silvery Dirtbag looks, and how LCM looks like some kind of steampunk wizard in all of the oilfield equipment.

Here's Broach's portrait of Camille Rose Garcia:

It's kind of a shame the photo ended up on the fold, but at the same time I like how large they printed it--horizontals are tough in magazine layouts. Again you should go see it in person--the colors are gorgeous.

Broach has a portfolio site here:

Look under Hotels and Food, of all things--all the hotel photos have that "something happened here and something will happen in the future" look to them--they are mysterious and dramatic and way more fun than you would think a room photo would be. The portraits are fun, but my favorites are the "rudeboy" ones that look like they were taken on a tour bus or during a party. I really like how Broach's portraits don't have that "posed camera face", somehow he gets his subjects to look more like they were not really paying attention to the camera, but to Broach, or even thinking of something else entirely, like this lion: (In Travel, from the web portfolio)

 Broach is into the skating culture and does a lot of skate photos (which is probably how he came to be a part of Juxtapoz). The website suffers a little from being a web portfolio--it's hard to keep it up to the minute and there is always a little hesitation in putting up one's very finest work. So the best place to see Broach's work is definitely in print form.