SID Iplehouse Doria, a 3.5 Hour Render, and a Halloween Spider

(The character here is Gypsyangel's Roxanne, for Victoria7 at Daz
I did get the new version of Daz Studio (4.9) to install, and it is a lot better than 4.8 as far as I can tell. For one thing, it renders for me, even with the Iray renderer, which does not play well with my low end video card..but it does render. I will say that at first I had a bad time with it--it rendered everything in hot pink,

... which for some inscrutable reason is because Zone Alarm had quarantined freelibrary.dll, and once I had googled around, reinstalled Daz, and finally pried the .dll from the jaws of Zone Alarm, it worked fine. Zone Alarm still hates Daz Studio, with good reason, because Daz wants to be in constant contact with the mother ship, even if you are just rendering a decade-old flat plane with a beach scene, which probably shipped with Poser 4 or something. But now I am ready to become a content creator once more, or rather a content painter while someone else figures out how to get all this to load and display and render.

The other thing I did today was swap off my Iplehouse Doria from her "native" Elder Iplehouse Doll body and put her on an SID body instead, which I think looks a lot better. Here she is on her new body, with her Amazonian body standing headless next to her:

If you are doing Doll Choice with Doria, I do recommend that SID body. Also it's easier to find clothes...Doria at the moment is wearing a dollar dress, and I think I may actually make it a dollar skirt. The top really is cut like that. (!)

Meanwhile, fall is coming--I can tell because there are crickets singing, and the spider population is increasing fast. I spilled half a bottle of Bona this afternoon when I pulled it out from under the sink, and carried it outside, and then the spider (below) made a move towards my hand and the Bona hit the porch and the lid came off. I assume the spider escaped into the wild. J teased me about getting a photo but really, how often do you see a spider bigger than a quarter?

Marshall's Home Goods, where we went last night, is already dipping a toe into the Halloween market: