The Impldoll Idol Muscle Girl Arrives!

I took only a few pictures tonight, but I will take more tomorrow, as I know Chalyss is interested in this body too. I ordered through Denver Doll, and though it took about 4 months, the box came with nice packaging and a certificate! Of course there was a broken finger..I swear it is a feature on my Impl girls, so I just got the Superglue and glued it back on. These hands are smaller and more proportionate that the first Idol hands, too--I had planned to get her jointed hands but now I can wait for a while as I like these.

It's a nice sculpt! The knees are a little stiff but her ankles are fine and she can sit, which makes me happy. Her torso joint is kind of immobile but for my Deesse2 head it won't be a big deal, as she will be a snow giant.

I painted all day and spackled and sanded so I am off to bed now!


  1. OOOOOH I was so curious to see what those bodies would be like! Congratulations!


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