Mosiac Tile

Here is the tile laid out while the adhesive dries--I wasn't too sure of my adhesive-applying ability so it seemed safer to do it flat at this stage. Turns out it would probably have been better to do it all in one place, but this worked ok for the glue. It comes in a tub, you spread it with a special trowel, and it actually is easy. Grout is a lot harder:

I mixed way too much grout, because I was not sure how much 5 lbs would mix up to, and how thin it would spread--but it is better to have too much, and grout is cheap. This is Polygrout, mixed up in a disposable salad greens container.. I found that the first trowel full went on perfectly, but then as it stiffened up a little it got more difficult to push around evenly. Part of the problem was working on the floor at a funny angle. But you can just take a fingertip's worth and push it in where you need it, if you are wearing gloves. My next tile project will be much better-- and I have enough to do a whole bathroom enclosure, if I wanted to.:o The smallest box I was able to find was 10lbs of dry powder. I will be putting a metal tread protector along the top of the step and there is some cove molding that will go on underneath it, covering a lot of errors. Moldings are like trim in sewing--covers all those awkward places. :D Little lumps of grout get everywhere, even with paper towels put down.


  1. I really like the combination of tiles.

    1. Thank you! They come in 12 inch squares, already spaced, so it is so handy. I wish they had funkier colors--right now everything at my local place is so neutral--mostly gray and white.


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