A Blanket

Mom knitted Coppersmith a hammock blanket--it is so cool! I love the colors so much too. Coppersmith appreciates that he will have something warm and not scratchy when winter comes:

It's a pretty good size for a big serape, too :D Look how even those stitches are:

This looks nothing like my knitting (a big snarl) or my crocheting (which looks like it meant to be something, but is full of skips and lumps). Years of practice make a big difference! Thank you so much, Mom! <3


  1. It could have been a little wider, but it will keep his feet and shoulders warm at the same time. It should work as long as he's using it in a hammock, and won't be doing too much tossing and turning! : D

    1. He probably sleeps like a dead man--lots of exercise, fresh air, and only getting 4 hours in a block probably means you sleep soundly when you can! I know for a fact he doesn't move much ;) Thank you again!!


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