Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Souldoll Rae and a Black Squirrel

Souldoll has a hoofie girl! She is a smallish one, though, a Vito--sort of Idealian size (the small ones) at 54 cm tall. I actually like the human makeup more; here is the "animal head blank"

This is the human head's faceup:

And here is the "Animal Fairy Rae" complete:

You can get a little magnetic tail as well--the outfit, staff, wig and painting are all available, but I think you have to ask if you want the human head as well. I added up all her parts and it was "more than I wanted to spend," but I think she is wonderful!

And totally at random, this cutie showed up in my back yard. I have seen melanistic squirrels in Washinton, DC--but not here! We have a ton of food for birds and squirrels right now--crabapples, mulberries, lots of native seeds--and spills from the bird feeder. :D

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