Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Skadi (Impldoll Azalea)

So I bought this Muscle Star Girl Body from Iplehouse through Denver Doll, and I really like it! It's shorter than the Idol, and quite pretty. The hands are a big improvement from previous versions. Then I saw that Youkaimoon on Den of Angels had an inexpensive Azalea head *beautifully* painted by Darjeeling..and she looked like the perfect head for that body. Here she is full view:

She's still a little tighter than I like but that will wear off--meanwhile she is such a good stander. Here is the front view:

See how nice that body is? Kind of a perfect Wonder Woman body, but she is a Scandinavian frost/skiing/archery diety instead of a Mediterranean one. Sadly all the clothes I have that fit her have  a tropical theme ;) Once the floor is done on the porch, I am going to sew!

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