Cat Horror, the Parking Lot at Home Depot, and 2 Patterns

So it's been hot, and the cat has been inside all day, so I went and got the leftover balloon from a celebration here earlier in the summer, and tied her favorite boot lace to the bottom, thinking it would amuse her.
 It did not go well. Cue "Psycho" music...

She refused to move until I took it away and put it in the trash, after removing her boot lace.

Still working on the porch... I wanted something to put under the ends of the tension rods that will hold up some sheer curtains, because the rubber ends mess up any paint under them. But I was kind of baffled as to what I wanted to put there, until I went to JoAnns and saw these in the scrapbooking department:

They even have a hole in the center for a nail. I put them up with carpet tacks, as they are easy to pull if I need to repaint:

And you can see they are pretty unobtrusive at a distance, you have to look closely to see they are not standard hardware:

The checkered floor is what it will look like--I decided I needed to paint the ceiling, ugh, so that pushes back the flooring at least a week.

Since I have been living at Home Depot, I have been amused at the things in the parking lot:

And at JoAnns they are (I think) still having a sale of Butterick patterns, 3 for 6.00. I bought myself a bathing suit pattern and these two patterns for K:

I think she is making a Jonathan Strange-related cosplay..the hats were just random, because 2.00. I have never regretted buying a costume pattern on sale--because they get really expensive if you try to track them down later on ebay!