Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fairyland Sylvia

Whee! A bjd video (with a bit of shaky focus) from CP/Fairyland. She is 900.00, so out of my league, but I love her outfit, and if you want to sell a kidney, you can buy her through Denver Doll, or through Dolk Station . Limited to 120, there is also a Basic Version Nude Doll for less. If you look at the Dolk link there are a ton of photos; she has two bust options, A Normal Bust and a Corset Bust (!) and the price includes all the stuff. She is my favorite size, the 65 centimeter Feeple size, with unique hands. This is the same body that is under Chloe and Sian if you are trying to picture the size. It looks like you might get a smoky-clear sword as an omake as part of Fairyland's Summer Event, but you need to read the fine print to see if it applies to Sylvia. I think it does, if you order over 800.00 (see below). If you order less there are some heads, but I hate small loose heads so I wasn't really paying attention.

More Sylvia outfit:

On that same Denver Doll page there is a adorable Minifee Eva:

If you click on Denver Doll's photos, it expands to the whole set of photos of the doll--it took me a while to figure that out.
                                                            AND CHECK THIS OUT:

If you order Sylvia, or possibly another large 65 cm Feeple, you can order extra headbacks so all those sleeping plates you have been hoarding can be their own characters!! I think everyone should order these headbacks and re-sell them to help cover the cost of Feeple EMS postage. Also, if you lost heel feet you can get replacements, hands too. (the hand part, you seem to be on your own for the wrist part.)


  1. that is a great outfit! the detachable skirt/train thing gave me an idea. :) thanks for pointing it out!

    1. I love mix and match outfits--for one thing, it makes sewing in small blocks of time more possible.


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