Souldoll Summer Event and Julie Only One

Souldoll has a new category on their sidebar, called You Are Mine, and it's marketing genius. Souldoll always has made amazing clothes (my theory is that Souldoll is actually a big commercial trim factory, and they do the dolls as a fun side hustle), but now they do a sculpt, cast that sculpt, and then make not one but two FABULOUS dresses to go on the doll, and charge big bucks for it. I am guessing the price is similar to what they would make from a regular run of a new Zenith girl without the clothes, but it's less hassle for them than casting several dolls, and they can concentrate on making it all perfect. And Julie is pretty perfect, though to be honest it's her clothes more than her face that I find so stunning. Don't get me wrong, she is pretty, but all Souldoll girls are pretty. :D Those clothes, though! Anyway, if you choose to spend 3227.00 plus EMS, you can claim a pile o' prizes as the Summer Event is in progress. Here are your gift with purchase choices:

It's all good stuff--the discount can nip some off the shipping, but the "gift clothes" are as nice as the dolls. There are also new Halloween eyes up on the site; and it's August, you animals! :D