Granado's Vindoll

So here is Granado's first vinyl doll, sort of a big action figure version of the resin guys Crocus Lee does. I actually ordered him as a headless body but Granado kindly sent him with the Udell head, which means I owe them some money. I am glad they did though--while I think I could have grafted the Jupiter head I have on there, it would have been a challenge. J thought Udell's head is a bit small, and I sort of agree, but I wanted the body more as a curiosity than a character, so the smallish head is OK with me. Since he's bouncy, he came without a lot of extra padding:

Haha no broken fingers! Here he is out of the shipper:

Amusingly, facing backward. His certificate says he is lucky number 13. He's not flawless--like one of the Obitsus I had, his hip and shoulder joints tend to slip off if you are not paying attention:

It's easy to pop them back on, and if they get too loose. I might paint a strip of modge podge in there to make it grip better:

The inner frame is made of something like ABS plastic, so it's rigid and can take some wiggling about, but you still have to be slow in moving joints and not force anything. The wrist joints were pretty stiff, as is the torso joint, but they work--and he holds poses quite well:

He stands fine barefoot, and on one foot with minor propping. I had no problem leaving him standing while I went to get the camera because falling over is no big deal--dirt is more of a hazard than falling. I need to see if a Magic Eraser will clean up his little smudges. I also have no clue how to paint him--I will have to do some research on sealing and painting vinyl. On the other hand, Vinnie looks pretty cool blank.

Fun as he is, and affordable (priced almost like an Obitsu, one of the tallest ones), I am not crazy about how he feels--vinyl is always a bit sticky. and the frame is a lot thinner than the body, so in places like the thighs he "squishes", which just feel weird to me. His joints are squeaky like my old Obitsus! I also wish he had the magnet and plate system in the feet to display him, though a stand will be fine, since he is quite light. His head does open up--it has a seal inside like a water bottle so you have to kind of stretch and pry it off--but once open, there are pre-set eye pockets inside for glass eyes (I don't think silicon eyes would work in there, they might become one with his head and be impossible to pry out). The pockets look like they hold the glass snugly. I'm not sure yet what size he needs, looks like 12 mm but I will find out tomorrow.

While I worked on the Sistine Porch today (layer two of the top coat, new outlet covers, pulled the metal flashing off the door) J cleaned out the whole garage:


  1. He looks great! They didn't make a mistake to give you the head, the head.came with the body. I was going to buy the body by itself as well, but I saw in the description they'd give you his head blank, so I just got the full set since it wasn't expensive and came with undies, wig, eyes and makeup.

    1. Yeah, I regret not getting the head AND makeup on it, because they do such a nice job painting. Also undies are nice--though I am more confident I can make those than a faceup. And thank you!


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