Random Tuesday Photos

The amaryllis was fully opened yesterday, and the rest of the yard is at peak bloom:

The flowers include some bonus sunflowers the birds planted for me. The echinaceas are at their best:

I'm enjoying the long days!

And the Sistine Porch is coming along! Here is the new color--still need to replace the base moldings and start on the floor soon...


  1. What a difference color makes! It's beautiful!

    1. It looks bigger! And you can see all the flaws in the wood and construction really well :D It will have narrow blue trim up around the ceiling and kind of a light gray "marble" vinyl tile floor, though I am waffling a little still about that..I also have a box of "Carrera" which is lighter. I actually like the color of the current floor but you saw how thrashed it was!


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