Cat's Yetta (Soom Beryl), Now Complete

Yetta was originally MissAlly's, and after MissAlly passed away, Cat bought a few of her dolls and many artistic odds and ends. Cat wanted to style Yetta in a way similar to MissAlly's other dolls; a sort of humorous Night Circus/ Belle epoque look that I can't quite describe, but you would recognize instantly--it's a little like Val Zeitler's style.
This is what Cat wrote to me:

Yetta was inspired by the Marie Antoinette movie that was one of MissAlly's favorite films. She is named for MissAlly's grandmother.

Yetta's dress was made by PhantomCreations, though Cat is thinking of beading the skirt because Cat is a lily-gilder. :D Yetta was painted up by Christy Johnson. Here are a couple more photos (Photo credit goes to Cat Cara):

This one might be my favorite, with the caterpillar!

Cat takes such good photos, I am always poking her to do more. She has a world-class Soom doll collection!


  1. Lovely dress, and the flowers are a perfect colour match. Love the smoking dragon :D

    1. I love all the colors--flowers and dolls are a perfect combo!


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