Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Bermuda Triangle of Dolls

That would be Alice's Collections, who somehow has managed to find a doll released in 2015 and all his stuffs. I assume he's In Stock, just because he is On Sale, but the listing isn't clear or I didn't read it carefully enough. It looks like for $225 more you can get his outfit, his faceup and his "weapon". Here is the outfit:
As for the listed "weapon", I think it is this claw hand:

He's big, 68 cm, so he's not coming home (besides the money thing) but I like his styling a lot.

Another dip in the wayback machine is an Impldoll Heloise:

Heloise has a goofy-old-school Impldoll face from when Sean was just getting started, but I kind of like it. The big thing is that her body is an awesomely posable Star Old Woman body, and a Soom Garnet head would fit on it just fine (and be tall). Plus she's relatively cheap at 330.00-- though you'd need to paint her yourself and tack on 70.00 for EMS.

Sadly I need a lot more moldings for the edge of the porch and eventually downstairs, so Heloise might have to wait a long time.


  1. funny I got a Heloise from Alice - she's great - love the mech body. was going to put Alberta head on it, but soom fits? hm...

    your porch is looking awesome. yay! :)

    1. Thank you! We'll see if all my added vinyl makes it warm enough to use in the winter!
      When did your Heloise come? I think she is so awesome! (I thin Alberta would look cute on it, too)

  2. Ooh would be nice if it did - fingers xd - it looks like a great place to paint / make art. :)

    She came last month, but was actually ready as late as March when I asked for an update (order placed at the very end of 2016). She is super awesome! (and actually making me think space suits for selected people...)

    (just now looked up Garnet. the borg body is very nifty! XD)

    1. Yeah, I need to sit down and do more with Garnet--I've just been so busy with other things! Is Heloise on your Flickr? (I need to go look)

  3. yes but just one sad little pic. day job has been crazy. (totally not complaining tho!)


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