Finally it's summer and I have a few larger butterflies--I have Admirals and Cabbage butterflies most of the year, but the swallowtails and monarchs always come late in the season. I have a buddleia that is doing well and the hummingbirds like it, but everyone seems to like the zinnias..including me:D
Here is a swallowtail on the buddleia:

I'm glad I finally got some good photos of them--they are really nervous and flappy and it's hard to catch them in repose, even for the amount of time it takes the autofocus to kick in. No sooner do you push the shutter release than "flap!" away they go.


  1. Love the bright colours on those wings! :)

  2. I love them too--they are here only for about a month before they flap on, so I am glad to have caught them on camera!


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