Eclipse and Penelope

As you can see, it was cloudy here but in a way that was nice-- because it made it dim enough I was able to get a photo or two with my pocket camera (which is all I use, a little Nikon Coolpix). I did notice that it got cooler when it was close to totality, which for us was like 90%. Here is the sun projected onto a black binder:

So that was fun--I watched a live stream with very low fidelity from the Washington Post, from a setup in Idaho (where it was cloudless), and that was more dramatic--you can see around the horizon where it is still light, but it's pretty dark in the center of the moon's shadow. The articles I read online said that animals behave strangely in eclipses, but the Stripey was just the same as ever:

The other fun thing that happened yesterday was the arrival of a new-to-me Iplehouse Jessica, who was named Penelope, and wigged and eyed up immediately. Here is a bad indoor nighttime pic of her:

I love trades :D


  1. Great 'bad indoor nighttime pic'. Congrats!

    1. Thank you! She is fun to photograph already. I need to go see who did her faceup, it's very nice!

    2. You certainly picked the right colors to match her tones.

    3. It was a pure accident since she is sitting on a chair with laundry on it :D Thank you though!


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