Monday, September 30, 2013

Lelahel's Clothing

If you have a Soom Princess (as I think of the 65cm Super Gem girls) sooner or later you are going to want a really fancy dress for her. There are two artists who I think make the Supergems look amazing--one is Nalisinko, and the other is Lelahel. Both of them do unique, fantasy-style clothing that matches the Soom esthetic perfectly. Both are wonderful craftsmen as well as designers, too. Lelahel is French, and her deviant art gallery is here:

Lelahel Clothing

The model above is a Soom Love Me or Die Beryl, named Jeline.

Lelahel also has the only Chloe that looks like she could kick my butt:

Normally Fairyland Chloe looks like this--beautiful, but not tough:

These two ladies were dressed by a Russian artist (I think), the skirts especially are fabulous. I do think that the Iplehouse Jessica on the left is not really into the "Being A Fairy" experience--something about her expression makes me think she is saying: "My outfit was Chloe's idea".


  1. The more I see of Jessica the more I like her sculpt. LOL, she's got the "I shaved my legs for 'this'?!" look on her face, doesn't she? That's a lot of work on those dresses. It's not fun fighting with a serger handkerchief hem and chiffon.

    1. When Jessica was first released I thought, meh, a big Barbie..but in person (and with lots of owner faceups) she's a really interesting, complicated, slightly crabby sculpt. Definitely not "just another pretty face". Madame Mau Mau has my favorite Jessica, she's like a noir film actress!


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