Friday, September 29, 2017

Along Came A Spider

Yes, it's a Souldoll Junia and she has 4 arms--she really should have two more-- because right now she is Junia Bug, but adorable all the same. Best of all, no creepy spider body, just regular human legs. You can also just get the normal 2 arms in the "Junia Human" form, but I like the little teef. Here is a full-length picture:

Cutie pie blank face:

4 arm body:

One of the fun things about her is that you can get different heads! In fact, you can ask for most of the female Soul Kid heads. Here is the list:

I laughed when I saw Maa Ba on there--she is supposed to be a one-eyed pirate lass but she could easily pass for a drunk debutante--here is her head:

I think this would be a hilarious head for the bug body :D There is also a fine choice of resin colors:

I do have to warn you that the recent Normal has been pretty pink, like MaaBa's head up there, and the "Dove Gray" is in fact a pretty aggressive gray- blue --the first photo up top shows what I think is the "real" blue. White is a very white, not ivory. Gray is the one color that is consistent with the Iplehouse/Mirodoll etc grays, sort of a cool neutral gray, but I haven't seen a Souldoll gray doll that was made in the last couple of years, so ask if you are color matching something.

Halloween is so fun for the doll companies! :D

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