Two Lynx Arguing,Anastasia, and a Purse

Haha they sound like neighborhood cats!

 My Dark Moon Beryl head came from Russia, in about 10 days via EMS. EMS is apparently The Way to extract mail from the Russian Federation--it came in perfect shape. It helps that it was expertly packed by Byakko, too--so if you see her sales threads on Den of Angels, go ahead and buy--just pay for the EMS! Here is "Anastasia", without a matching body--I am going to Rit dye an old Soom Girl Body for her, because I have more clothes that fit the old body--and I just like how tall it is, even if it is a not-super poser.

(Cat made that AMAZING crown!) I was thinking of putting her on Owlet's (Soom Ignim) body, but when I pulled Owlet out, she looked like this:

...and I couldn't do it.

I forgot to put up these photos of K's new purse that we bought when she was here: