Mirodoll Corset Progress, and Stuff At The Mall

I need to redo the cup pattern, since once the top hem is in, there isn't enough fabric to cover her--so trim to the rescue! more beads, trim and lacings in the back will happen next.

We went to the Fox Hills Mall on Saturday, and wandered around the upper level of Round1. It looks like something designed by Ridley Scott and sounds like you are inside a pinball machine with Dolby Sound. It's great. If I was going to play I would bring earplugs. Here is a tiny sample of what is there (it's a HUGE place):

Sort of black light glow carpet:
Elevator Action Death Parade! (I think the holding company for Round One is Japanese)

Mysterious Prize Item Kaiju:

In the basement of Macy's, Christmas is tiptoeing in (it's not even Halloween, you animals!)

And at the Merry Go Round, the Seal has some kind of dire secret it just told the Horse (probably not a true story).

It was a fun, fun day.