Sicktress/Mirodoll Muscle Body Measurements

(This always reminds me of Leeloo from the Fifth Element) :D But here are the measurements for the body:

9 cm around the top of the neck
19 cm for a jewel neckline around trapezoids (neck base)
9 cm around the upper arm (bicep)
8.5 cm around the forearm
6 cm wrist
9 cm widest part of hand (for sleeves)
21.5 cm from the edge of the shoulder of the torso, to the wrist
22 cm from the front collarbone to the mobility joint, over the bust. (About the length of a shirt/tunic)
20.5 nape of the neck to the mobility joint, over the butt, in back (the back length of a shirt/tunic)
12 cm bust point to hip front, laying flat (like a corset)
11 cm bustline in back to hip (corset back)
34.5 around the shoulders (like for a cloak)
56 cm nape of neck to floor in back (straight down, add more for a cloak to trail on the ground)
30 cm around the biggest part of the bust, only on the upper plate (so I would get the maximum measurement)
18 cm around the waist
20 cm crotch from waist in front to waist in back (Mom jeans)
31 cm inseam from crotch to ankle
28 cm around widest part of hips
42 cm from waist to ankle outside
35 cm leg length (torso edge to ankle)
16 cm around upper thigh
12 cm around widest part of calf
7.5 cm foot length heel to longest toe

Next post will be a WIP corset pattern!


  1. You’re totally awesome for this and thank you for all the reviews and pics!

    1. It's just a great body! I know Miro doesn't do many pictures anyway, but the site photos just don't do her justice!

  2. What's the measurement from nape of neck to wrist? A snow goddess needs a frost shawl!
    Also, how tall is Hyacinth? How long a cloak, and how tall a hood?
    Don't get too excited - these projects always take 10 times as long as I expect.

    1. The nape of neck to wrist is about 23 cm! Ooo a Frost shawl sounds wonderful!

      Hyacinth is now being played by the long-suffering Iplehouse Jessica and I need to measure her anyway! I will do that tomorrow! <3


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