Fancy Doll Armor

Andy sent me a Pinterest tutorial page and I saw this! It's from and it's intended for humans, but I think you could get the same effect with a base of the thin craft foam and the design printed out on cardstock, then cut out with an exacto or manicure scissors, then painted. The layering of the design looks really good; and you just need to print two or three copies of the design, cut out each layer, and stack them to get that effect.

 The end result won't be shiny, but you can do a nice weathered look of steel or copper with metallic paints. If I have time this weekend I will see if I can make something for Samara with craft foam and cutouts.


  1. Krylon has some really shiny paints....

    But how would you get the dirt in the cracks that need to be there......

    1. I'd just use acrylics on there--Tulip has some ok metallics--I would paint a base coat of streaky black and then use my fingers to put on a highlight coat of silver. Lots of room to experiment since the foam is so cheap!

  2. Isn't that fun? I was too busy this weekend to try it, but I am itching to!


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