Iplehouse Wendy and Rachel, Smoke and Eyeballs

Wendy is really cute--I don't like how they painted her lips, but the whole look overall is so fun and cheerful--it's so nice to see one of these girls smile.

 Here she is blank:

What a cutie! She is like a happy Soo! If my money tree wasn't bare I'd order her, but I am guessing there will be opportunities later. She has a sister too:

That's the lovely Rachel, and you can order either the pink dress or the silly matador outfit with either girl. Here she is blank:

She is like a sweeter, softer Rania--her head looks a little big on the SID body; I bet she would scale up to an EID if you wanted to go bigger with her.

Also, I just noticed that the SID body has been redesigned to be slimmer and more toned. It's pretty nice--I am not sure how the older heads will look on it, but it's a sleek looking body (you need to be logged in to see it, I think). Here are the new elbows:

It's been weirdly smoky here--there are so many wildfires out west the smoke has drifted this way; this is what I woke up to this morning:

I'm working on some party favors too:

And a few eyeballs (not to be combined with the favors). The brown and purple ones are done, the others need more work:


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