Sicktress New Body via Mirodoll (Part One)

She's a nice bendy, posable, so affordable Muscle Girl from Mirodoll! My body is actually light gray, it looks blue because it was taken outdoors. This girl is tall! 66 cm! More photos:

She's safe for work because she is almost like a cyborg/tenshi body--and what a great cyborg she would make! I am pondering ordering a second one! This body seems better cast than my earlier Miro bodies--the joints fit better, the wrists are round, the hands are more graceful (they look a bit like Resinsoul hands) I did have to take some time today to move the knots around because they can't come out like that in the head, it makes it hard to get heads on. I also made her some jewelry and I am working on sort of bikini bottoms as well. More posing:

And she sits just fine--no back flopping!

Chalyss wants me to take some photos with the Impldoll Muscle Girl, and Idol body, and with some heads. The neck looks very standard to me, the main thing is to find heads that are a little larger to work with her height. But more tomorrow, once I get clothes on her. It looks like Iplehouse SID clothes would fit her shoulders and be a little loose in the waist, maybe the hips. I think clothes fit that are stretchy and sort of that EID/Supergem/SID size. Right now I have almost no commercial clothes here, just custom stuff;so I will have to dig in the clothing boxes to see what fits her. I have no idea yet about shoe size!

Part Two:

Body Measurements: