So You Need A Practice Head/ The Cuckoo Fairy

Alice's Collections has one in stock, $20.00 (plus shipping, it might be able to go airmail to be cheaper than EMS). There is another one but I thought this one was cuter.

I was on Alice's Collections to look at a 69cm  Loongsoul Fairy, the Cuckoo Fairy:

Since she was on sale, and Girrl assured me that she would be cast and shipped in my lifetime, I asked for her for my birthday. I got the wig (I am not sure if the fancy upper part is included) and the faceup.  I also got body blushing, which I may regret since the sample they show in Doll Parts is really, reallly pink..but if it's way too much, I might be able to tone it down with some gold powder. I also got the Medium bust--Loongsoul girls come in S(exy) M(assive) and L(ord Help Us). I think the sample you see above is the Small.

 Be warned that if you want heel feet, you need to go to Doll Parts and get them there; "flat feet only" is the default included style. I would actually recommend the Heel Legs for stability if you plan on using heels. Since she is so tall already, I am planning on making her embroidered slippers for her flat feet and not bothering with the heel feet.


  1. ooh congrats! she's pretty! (and happy bday!?)

    1. Thank you!! It's around the holidays so maybe she will come in time..but it's ok if she doesn't--maybe she will have clothes ready for her ;)


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