Creature Doll Alisa

She has horns(it's a little hard to see in this photo), she is MSD sized at 48 cm tall, she wears 8mm eyes, and you can get her dress, shoes and a scythe. For a doll that size, she has really beautiful details and hands. The company is new to me, but the sculptor sounds familiar--I wonder if Vermont Chick (who does the As the Resin World Turns blog) would know something about the sculptor--the name is Park Tae-Wong, and I need to look around and see if maybe they do Soom things as well.

Another pic:

You can get her in gray, white or Normal Pink. Since it looks like maybe they are a new company, even though they have layaway I would say put her on a card that you can retrieve your money from if they go belly up, and pay it all at once. Shipping is via EMS.

Oh, this company did Phyllis! I like Phyllis, but she is even more mysterious than Alisa--she is Limited, but has no order period, and the 600.00 seems to include her fullset? It looks like you can still buy her, and she is very cool. Also msd sized:

There are 3 basic girls for around 330.00..but I like the Limited girls better. So far I haven't found body photos.


  1. Just thought I would let you know - SartoriaJ is having a sale and all the Gatsby items are on sale. - almost everything is on sale. Both SD and the MSD sizes.

    1. That's good to know! I am out of doll money right now, but maybe others might want to go check it out!


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