Tuesday, December 4, 2012

At the Art Supply Store

K is glad to visit Chicago right now, because the regional manager is coming to inspect the art supply store where she works. This means he will see the window display that she created, and she will not be responsible if the floor is messy, or there are other breaches of corporate etiquette, since she is out on vacation. She loves working there. Martin, a co-worker (and a very excellent figurative artist) is beloved by customers because he chats them up, asking them "What did you have for lunch?" if it's around lunchtime or "What will you be making for dinner" if it's later in the day. So K decided to try this on a customer, and the guy frowned and said "I dunno..hot dogs? Want to come over?" (Here K makes a horrified face). So K is thinking of other ways to charm customers, just not so much. When the manager is out, the underlings have more of a free rein with what music gets played on the PA system, including such hipster fare as Modest Mouse, which does not really have Safe For Work lyrics. I guess you could say when the boss is away, the Mouse will play.

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