Saiph Super Gem

Soom has now reissued a resculpt of the Mecha Angel Saiph, and the head looks good. I am not quite sure if it's sitting well on the new body, just because Soom took all the photos of her looking down, which makes me say "hmmm". I suspect it's because the head may sit "tall" on the neck, like Gneiss does--it means that you have a good range of motion, but the neck will look long and you may see the neck at the sides of the head (fixable with a long hairstyle, or in my case, ignorable with Gneiss and my IOS "G".)

But if you just order the head, at 110.00 USD plus applicable shipping, it looks like it can go on a LOT of other bodies--that pale NS looks great for matching.(Note--Angel of Dream girl necks are probably too skinny.) And you may want to get your own face-up--they minimized Saiph's best feature; those pillowy, kissy lips. New heads fit fine on old Soom bodies, too, just take off the s hook and use the "banana" instead if they have made the new Saiph into a "faceplate and back". Otherwise, if it's just a hook, you are good to go. Here's the link:

Saiph Event head