Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cat's Crown 2

So here are more of the crown-modelling dolls--above is Carissa, A Soom Special Order Cuprit (modded by Charie Wilson), and one of the two girls who might wear the crown on a regular basis. Everyone else here is just goofing around with it. Here is Amethyst, a modded Dreaming Delf Lishe:

Allegra, A Soom Special Order Cass, says "Wait, I'm not ready!"

And I pulled the same trick on Rain, an Immortality of Soul "G", while he was trying to get his shirt on:

Rain and Bryan, an Iplehouse Denzel, together:

Then there is another couple, Sirocco, a Soom Migma; and Malachi, a Delf Moon:

Then there is Bubbles, a Soom Cass, who has completely forgotten why she was in the living room after trying on the crown, and is now talking on the shell phone, "there was this cute little hat thing..and I was going to make some tea.."

Myrtle, a Soom Coquina:

Sirius, a Doll In Mind Elf Event head on a DollZone body:

and Tamsen, a Dollzone Elf-Eared Wing that I keep meaning to repaint, but I sort of like his current flaking-off faceup:

Finally here is Amber, A Nanuri07 on a Soom Gem body. When Arianne02 got hers she said" I don't see anything male in this sculpt at all", and made hers a cute French style Vamp that looks like she could be a friend of Toulouse-Lautrec. Mine is more the Nick Hammond of my dolls, small and sporty:

And that is plenty for today!


  1. ...they did all try it! ♥ it looks marvelous on each of them. i hope that Myrtle gets to keep it.

  2. We'll see whether Myrtle or Winter wins the arm-wrestling contest!:D


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