Monday, December 17, 2012

To Do List

--Clean Kitchen Floor
--Express Mail Stollen Loaf to Aunt in Calif.
--Do sketch for romance cover featuring Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. (Yes, really).
--Investigate mouse activity behind furnace
--Wash Santa hat and cow slippers
--Find several sets of doll-sized antlers and missing doll head for body on bureau.
--Iron some magazine clippings so they can be filed neatly in photo reference file drawer.
--Make a note that, in honor of the Mayan Apocalypse, the publisher will be cutting a check for the balance of the royalties for the Lair of the Jaguar God, so there will be no more in 2013.
-- Clean shower drain.
-- Finish putting commas in the last 40 pages of friend's paranormal romance novel.

I probably won't get to the shower drain today.

The girl here is gypsyangel's "Rheia", who used to be at, and her outfit is by Aery Soul (I think they sell through RuntimeDNA now, as Alfaseed or something like that.)


  1. This list lends itself to SO many questions.

  2. Like why does it cost 44 dollars to mail a loaf of bread from Chicago to Santa Barbara? :D

  3. Reminds me of a pumpernickel I once got at a local bakery - it took two of us to carry it to the car. :)


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