Monday, December 31, 2012

Cat's Crown 3

Just a couple of photos today, since I had other things (like work) I had to do today. Above is Bubbles the Soom Cass again, this time with party lights. And then there is Serendipity, who was a Free Choice Galena head with a Beryl body, and I still need to paint her hooves. And make clothes--though hooves solve the shoe problem, they also make pants/trousers problematic.

And finally Moonlight, a lavender Soom Migma head and hands on an Impldoll white skin body--I decided I would make do with the Impl body, and in fact, I like the thinner, spikier look of the body--it suits a "bramble fairy." Moonlight is a cousin of Dust Fairy Sirocco. (I have no idea what I will do if Soom releases the Migma head in tan!) I still need to paint the neck and wrists of the Impl body to ease the transition in colors.

More tomorrow!

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