Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hermione Again

After some closet digging, I found the Soom Breccia torso to put Hermione's head on. The problem was that the only feet I had were the Migma "bat feets," since the spare Soom ankle balls I once had, are now being worn by a cross-dressing Volks Date Masamune in San Francisco (and he looks Mighty Fine in them and his heels). So I put the bat feet on, and they were ok, but the neck key made Hermione's neck too long (and you can see from the picture above that it's long even without the neck key. Since I had to take him apart again anyway, I took off the bat feet and found some extra white shins that I had bought on speculation ages ago, and some Impl male feet, which have the ankle balls built in. (Every doll company should do this--I hate separate wrist and ankle balls.) The feet are sort of platter-like, but stable.

To solve the lack of the neck key and the resulting neck hole, I just took the key apart and turned it upside down:

With real feet and a stable head attachment, my narcoleptic princess is all ready to go adventuring in an outfit by Buff!

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