Friday, December 21, 2012

My superhero costume!

I bought a clothing set from Powerage on because it came with an exquisite rapier,(I am doing 3 covers at once so I am piling up all the reference I can find) and I did not pay much attention to the clothing when I bought the rapier. Until today, when I did a test render of the set. It is one of the silliest fantasy heroine outfits I own, and yet there is something about can't see them, but the boots have 4 inch square "Cuban heels" on them to finish out the whole outfit. It even.. almost... has kidney protection, but it definitely has girly white lace stocking and garters on the sides. And fingerless gloves, and something like flower petals for shoulder pauldrons. It looks like Miss Bolivia's alternate "military" costume. And I think if you added a unicorn tattoo and maybe a tiara of some kind, you'd be totally rocking. I have no idea what the superpower would be that goes with this, but maybe power shopping is involved.

The model is Ooga by Pixeluna and the background is mostly by her as well, from the Venus set, and the stone thing is by Danie and Marforno--everything has been tweaked in one way or another.

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