Christmas Gneiss

My Soom Gneiss (who is called "Noodles" here because her snake head ornaments look like rice noodles) is the closest thing to a Christmas Angel I have right now. I am not putting her on or near the tree, though, since Stripey has already managed to hurl the small tabletop tree to the ground, along with the tablecloth, a dozen Christmas cards, a pen, and a cup of coffee.

Here is the new Soom Girl body neck, by the way--you can see it sticks out a tiny bit but that gives her head a lot of movement and hardly shows, especially with a long wig.


  1. She looks lovely! <3 I love how her wing picks up the pink from the decorations. ^_^

  2. Those little wings are so fun--I'm just always careful with them, they are fragile-looking! And thank you!


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