Viking slat bed

Since K is here visiting, I needed to set up an extra bed; so I put together the Viking slat bed that J made. I can put it together myself with just a few books stacked up to level the frame pieces. It comes apart into a stack of lumber that you can fit under a conventional bed. This was "our bed" the whole time we were in Jersey and it was a great bed. It's high enough you can store doll boxes under it, but the connector pieces tend to work loose over time, and as we got older and fatter the connectors tended to drop out more often, as there was more stress on the frame. You can kind of squint and imagine it made of oars on the four corners instead of shaped pine boards from Home Depot. It started out with 9 slats, but two of them accidentally got used for other projects when the pieces were in the basement. It makes a great camping bed if you have a folding couch mattress to put on it.

And K will notice that there is still some "dog carpet" in the house I haven't pulled up yet.