The tree is up...

The tree is up and decorated--it came from Home Depot because neither J or I wanted to stand in the cold of a tree lot and pick out a tree. J had the bad luck to get over bronchitis faster than I did, so he went out, bought the tree, pushed it into the back of the truck, and then hauled it up the hill and through the front door. K decorated it, with me on the couch going through the old ornaments and discarding about half. I hadn't noticed before that the feather "bird" ornaments had large parts of their feathers missing, and one of them had been licked bald. I wondered which cat had done that, and looked up to see Stripey biting the lowest branch of the Christmas tree. I expect the cats to drink out of the pan, but biting is new. The base is on an old cupboard door from New Jersey. That thing weighs a ton, but is sturdy enough to support the weight of a much larger tree... and a couple of cats.


  1. Oho - I just saw this picture. You are FAST!!! Here we bring in the tree on December 24th and keep it up to Epihanias (Three Holy Kings, January 6th). Your tree looks great, colorful but yet classy and traditional!

    1. We put it up early this year since my daughter could only visit in the first part of December--usually we get the tree late and keep it up to the middle of January, too. Then we used to cut it into pieces and keep part for the compost, and part for firewood for the next Christmas! And thank you-- I am happy to have space again for a "real" tree!

  2. I am almost envy because we still have to keep sane when buying our tree... but as said: almost! I am glad to see that you do not belong to the many people in our age that say: The children live somewhere else and a tree makes a lot of mess. We do not want one. If you ask me: This is the first sign of getting old...

  3. The tree is my favorite part of Christmas! Well, that and the stollen...:D

  4. When I was little, we had a cat that liked to go tree-climbing. My father had to bolt it to the wall with airplane cable. >.>;

    I have wound up a huge fan of artificial trees; our tree has been up since Nov 2nd. :)

  5. I admit I bought an artificial one last year, but I couldn't smell it-- so I got a cute little real fire hazard again this year. :D


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