The Hygrometer and Raven problem

Mostly the house is picked up, and neat. I say "mostly", because there are always a few things that really have no "place" to be put away, since normal people do not own them. Take two items that I had to find a place for today--a stuffed Raven and a hygrometer. The hygrometer was from an art project of K's, but useful for checking on the humidity of storage areas for dolls and paper items, and the stuffed raven has been photographed, scanned and painted many times. But the hygrometer is too fragile to toss in a drawer with the padlocks and mousetraps and screwdrivers; and the raven is subject to moths and cats, and can't be mashed into a drawer either. I used to have a huge trunk full of skeletons, masks, goth props, paper mache models.. and a complete model tidepool in a box,all useful for doing bookcover art. If I were in the movie business, I would just rent a locker and when the assistant producer needed a stuffed raven, I could give him the key and say "It's on the 3rd shelf, by the dodo." (I do have a small plastic dodo). But I don't have quite enough stuff to justify the expense or the annoyance of a locker, so I ended up putting the hygrometer in a box and the raven on a closet shelf, wrapped in plastic.

/yes, that is Mickey Mouse in Greek.