Cat's Crown

For Christmas, Cat sent me one of her art crowns, and while I am not worthy, I was also totally thrilled. Since I couldn't decide who should wear it, I thought I would just go through and try it out on all my dolls. This is more difficult than it sounds, since some dolls share bodies and others are packed away, sealed in bubble wrap. But here are the dolls that were easy to find and pop into the chair for a photo. The one above is Violetta, a Delf Juri '07b (one of the two Christmas event heads for that year.) This one is Bird, my Soom Tremo:

Sensei Fuzzy, A Soom Sphaler:

Rilly, a Resinsoul Mei:

Alejandro, A Fairyland Vampire Moon:

Kip, A Resinsoul Ai boy on a B and G body (needs his horns painted):

And Noodles, a Soom Gneiss:

Lee, A Delf Juri 07A:

Zinnober, A Soom Sphaler:

And finally for today,(since the light was going) Balthazar;another Soom Sphaler (who already has a lot going on with his head, with his new Dikadoll horns, courtesy of Buff). So he's just holding the crown for now.:D

Thank you, Cat!!!