The Himalayas, previously thought inedible

J is a very good cook, and for Christmas he received some cooking tools and a large bottle of Himalayan pink salt, which is the newest "specialty salt", eclipsing the old and busted "Kosher Salt" and "Exotic Sea Salt". They also make cutting boards of the slabs of pink salt, and I owned, before people started to eat the stuff, a Himalayan salt lamp with a small bulb inside of it.

I worry about what makes the salt pink...and is it, like some fashionable granite countertops, mildly radioactive? Or more importantly, are we levelling the mighty Himalaya, one teaspoonful at a time, until K2 and Everest will resemble Cherry Hill, New Jersey? (Cherry Hill, which a local disc jockey called "previously thought unscalable" has a water tower on top.) And who knew that "tasty" could be added to the description of the Indian Subcontinent?