Tulip Bulbs and Easy Digging

I planted two dozen tulip bulbs today. It was tough digging in the clay soil, and I don't think I got them the 8 inches deep that you need to prevent squirrels from digging them up again (apparently squirrels get tired around 6 inches or so and give up, and go look for easier prey). One year in New Jersey I planted several in the front yard, and they were so easy to dig in! I stuck my trowel down and twisted it and just rolled those bulbs down into the dark. It turned out later that I had been following a vole tunnel, though, digging into it every few inches or so.

Now picture Mr. Vole sitting, reading his paper by a glowworm lamp, when BLAM! The Mother of All Acorns lands in his dining room. Needless to say very few of those tulip bulbs ever came up.


  1. Squee! That is such a cute picture!!

  2. It's what I think really goes on down there in those holes!:D


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