Sarqq's Aaliyah

Aaliyah is shipping now from Iplehouse (Iplehouse is fast!) and Sarqq has already sat down and painted her up...and I like hers better than the default! It was a bit of genius to add the cyborg eye, I think--it would not have occurred to me to make her a SF character but she looks incredible. Also, it make me perfectly happy that I didn't order her--whenever I want to see the best Aaliyah ever, I can just go to Sarqq's Deviant Art page and see her:

Sarqq has some other new photos up too--it's worth a visit, always!


  1. When you say Aaliyah do you mean Aaliyah Dana Haughton the Rnb princess, queen of urban pop in the 90s?

    1. Or maybe the Anne Rice character? That is actually the name of the Iplehouse took me forever to remember how to spell it correctly :D


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