More Fractal Wallpaper

Very busy today, so I reached into the fractal folder and pulled out three wallpaper/desktops to share. the first one is Lime Bows:

LimeBows wallpaper 1280x960

Then there is kind of a subtle one:

Sand Dragons 1280x960

And a seasonal one:

SnowFlakes 1280x960


  1. That blue one would make gorgeous fabric. A soft green and pale rose pink version, too. Some day, when the world is back on it's axis, I would buy that fabric from spoonflower. *sighs* It's gorgeous. I could see that as 1950's big skirt dresses.

    1. It's almost like those 1950's "atomic" patterns--a lot of fun. It would just need to get put through a tiling program so it would repeat well! I love TieraZon--it's the only fractal program I was able to start using right away; it's a geeky little freebie from around 2001 or so. Don't even know if you can still download it, but it's very compact and simple if you can find it.


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