No Candied Ginger For Christmas

My friend Tery knows I love candied ginger--it's like crack, I can just work my way through a huge jar in 3 days, and then be caught trying to lick the jar itself. But Tery sent me an email this evening warning me that this year, there would be no ginger:

So, I decided to try a new recipe for candied ginger. It turns out that when you cook ginger in a pressure cooker it fills the house with what smells like Santa's tear gas. Then, while boiling the ginger in sugar water, I took my eye off it a minute and it instantaneously began to burn. I grabbed it off the heat and took it outside. I thought it was cool enough to put down, but it turns out that the pan melted two small patches on the Trex. It's still outside. Not sure how I'm going to get the burned sugar out of the pan. So, it looks like you're not getting candied ginger this year. :(

Of course I feel terrible about the trex deck and the pan, but I laughed so hard. I think the thought is what counts here.