Ami's Wig

I spent some of today working on Ami (granado Sidonia), making her a little yarn wig. I put things on, I take them off. It's actually a lot of fun since there are no rules about the appearance of the head of a cyborg girl, so it doesn't have to look like hair or anything. Plus I just like that "Homespun" yarn from JoAnns a lot. Here is the "more done" side:


  1. She looks amazing in that wig! Tip: To get a more 'hair' like look, do what they do in salons, twist the 'hair' and slide the sharp edge of the scissors down a half inch to 3/4 inch slide two or three times until you cut through. You want an angled slant. ^_^

    Your package should be here today, if it fits in the package box. Other wise I'll look forward to ransoming it from the P.O. Monday. Instead of logging in to everything, can you contact me via email at my buis email on the blog sidebar? My stupidphone doesn't do DoA.

    He's out of ICU!

    1. I might spin the tips of some of the strands into points...still thinking about it...and adding beads and junk!
      So glad he's out of the icu--now he can sleep some! And I will email you!


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